In The News

Apr 14
Nut industry aims to stop large-scale thefts | 04/14/2016
By John Holland First you steal a truck driver’s identity. Then you show up at an almond processing plant and make off with a semi load worth perhaps $100,000. That happens more...
Apr 12
Water storage bill passes Assembly committee | 04/12/2016
SACRAMENTO — California’s water storage projects would get a boost under a bill passed Tuesday by the Assembly Water, Parks & Wildlife committee. AB 2551 would allow projects that receive funding...

Press Releases

Apr 27
Olsen Urges Governor to Sign ADA Reform Legislation | 04/27/2016
SACRAMENTO – Assemblymember Kristin Olsen, R-Riverbank, issued the following statement urging Governor Brown to sign Senate Bill 269, a bill she has co-authored to help small businesses...
Apr 14
Olsen Legislation to Protect Agriculture Industry From Cargo Theft Passes Committee | 04/14/2016
SACRAMENTO – Assemblymember Kristin Olsen (R-Riverbank) announced today that AB 2805, her bill to create a task force that would develop and adopt standards for detecting and tracking cargo...


Jan 15
Join Assemblymember Olsen for a Human Trafficking Awareness Town Hall | 01/15/2016

Join Assemblymember Olsen on January 28th at  6pm at Kaiser Hospital in Modesto for a town hall meeting to learn what community leaders are doing to eradicate human trafficking...

Sep 10
Olsen Urges Support of ADA Reform - SB 251 | 09/10/2015

Assembly Republican Leader Kristin Olsen urged members of the Assembly to support a bill that will help businesses get back to the business of serving California's communities by making helping...